Monday, May 4, 2009

BeTweeted is legitimate...Picture Proof here!

Hey guys
After using BeTweeted to monetize my twitter account for a few days, I have been paid twice. Once for about 5 dollars and once for about 7 dollars. All for retweeting the links they gave me. Hurry and set up your accounts because I think this is going to be a huge money maker.

The picture taken here is from my paypal account, and can not be used or reproduced without my consent. Thank you.
As you can see I was paid by Carter and Co which is BeTweeted's parent company. Have fun :)


  1. You bet your sweet bippie it's real! And, it can really up your blog traffic, too. See this video on increasing blog traffic with betweeted on twitter.

  2. heloo. I just Want to ask you, how much the minimum payout in betweted & how about the term to request cashout ?
    it's because i have joined with this site & my earning is $2 but i cant request a cashout