Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Monetizing Your Twitter Profile

Recently there has been a spike of companies opening up to Monetize your Twitter account. Many sites such as be-a-magpie, twtad, hummingbird, and many others have made themselves known on the Twitter Scene. One Twitter monetization site that has stood out for me is BeTweeted. BeTweeted is a very simple Twitter monetization site that allows you to post relevant links in your Twitter profile that when clicked by your followers will earn you money. BeTweeted will not take over your Twitter profile and turn it into a massive advertising campaign. BeTweeted will allow the user to locate ads that are in-line with his own interests to post. The ads can be placed in between the Twitterer's own tweets about the content that interests him. Followers are essential to the success of a BeTweeted user. To maximize the potential to earn money, you must have a lot of followers because not all of your followers are going to click the links that you advertise. If you like to Tweet about surfing, and your followers follow you because they like to read your surfing tweets, you should stick with advertisements that relate to surfing. If your followers have a genuine interest in what you are tweeting, they will definitely look at the ad, and may even click it, which will make you money.
The idea here is to be a socially responsible tweeter. Check my article on Socially Responsible Tweeting. As a user, you must establish a group of followers that is genuinely interested in what you are tweeting. If you can do that, you are all set because the ads you tweet will be content related, and your followers will be interested.
Advertisers, this is a great opportunity to move some money from your AdSense accounts to BeTweeted. Unlike AdSense, BeTweeted ads are at the center of attention when it comes to who is reading them. People who are following others on Twitter are focusing all of their attention on the tweets. If your ad is being Tweeted, it will definitely be seen. When you use AdSense, people may be going to a site that relates to what you are offering, but they may simply be focusing on the content of the page, not the advertisements along the sidebar, and at the bottom of the page. If you want to advertise efficiently, BeTweeted is the best option.

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